You can be fit, healthy and slim at any age!


Catherine W. Britell, M.D.
Rehabilitation Medicine



How many times have you visited your health provider with (arthritis) (overweight) (fatigue) (elevated blood sugar) (high blood pressure) (high cholesterol) that was getting worse, and he/she told you that you might be able to make yourself healthier by “lifestyle changes” (eating less; exercising more)?




And how many times have you tried to make a “lifestyle change”?  You carefully followed the doctors’ and dietitians’ recommendations, even starving yourself.  You spent hours in the gym, working through fatigue and joint pain.  And despite that you wanched your weight creep up and your “numbers” get worse.

Did you ever feel like just giving up, because it seemed hopeless?  

Here’s the good news!

Although diet and exercise will likely not cure everything that ails you,


seniorsjumpingatbeachthat will go a long way toward improving your health, body composition, and overall quality of life.  It’s not about fad diets, hormones, weight loss pills or supplements,  gym memberships, extreme workouts or online subscriptions.   It’s simply about healthy, delicious eating and smart, safe, and effective exercise based on solid scientific information.

Note:   PLEASE READ    The information expressed here and in all related resources is intended for educational purposes only. This information is provided with the understanding that we are NOT rendering medical advice of any kind. This information is not intended to diagnose, prescribe or treat any disease, condition, illness or injury. It is critical before beginning any eating or exercise program, including those described in this and related works, that readers receive full medical clearance from a licensed physician.